Makeup Tutorial: Min from Touch MV Look

To recreate this favorite look of  mine from Miss A’s Touch MV, keep on reading after the cut!

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Filipina Youtube Beauty Guru itsjudytime’s Meet and Greet in Manila

With Judy and Benji ❤


I’m a huge fan of Youtube. Believe me when Youtube became popular, I was so happy that normal people would post videos of themselves doing makeup and making tutorials for us to recreate on our own. It’s like one big beauty community making videos for each other so we can interactively learn from one another. Now those regular people have stepped up their game and are now known as beauty gurus in Youtube. One of the beauty gurus that I followed was Judy with her channel itsjudytime. I followed her because she’s Filipina and because her videos were very informative about hair and makeup. Through the years she has been making videos for her beauty channel and has opened a new channel solely for videos that are not related to her beauty channel so we can have a peek at her life. That channel is itsjudyslife. People would think a Vlog channel would be boring, but honestly, getting a peek at someone else’s life isn’t boring at all if it’s Judy and Benji we’re talking about. Along with her husband Benji of BenjiManTV, they make the power couple of Youtube and watching their daily Vlogs has been a part of my daily Youtube fix. ❤



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Colder Weather

The holiday season is in full swing and the cold weather is starting to change my skin already. My lips alone can’t survive without lip balm on 24/7 and believe me, my lips are cracking and bleeding like crazy. But the good thing is, I can experiment with more lip based looks rather than eyes because it’s the season of fall/winter lip color! If you ask me, my favorite season to wear lipcolor is during the fall/winter season just because I can whip out my dark lipcolors. You guys know me, I LOVE my dark lipcolors.  But anyways enough of that.

Just want to let you guys know that I’m going to post entries quite soon. I’m working out on how I will be posting them and probably which post goes first because technically I have three lined up: Seoul Photo Blog, Hyuna’s Dark Trouble Maker look partnered with my friend Andee at OhItsAndee, and Fall/Winter Lip colors. So just stay tuned while I prepare those exciting entries for you guys. Til then…



From the Land of Kimchi and K-pop

I’m back everyone! It will take some time for me to be putting up posts here again since I will be a bit busy this month for a couple of things. But I am really excited to share a lot of what went down during my 10-day trip to Seoul. First, it was my first time traveling on my own and it was a feat since I had to manage both my time and expenses. But it was a well worth trip and I had a lot of friends to keep me company there. Also, I have mastered the Seoul Metro and that’s also a big challenge since taking the train there is one of the main forms of transportation and it has over 13 lines and goes even outside Seoul.

To make up for my absence, I’ve made a video about my trip. Don’t worry as an extensive photo post will come up in a week or two. For now, enjoy my video!



Feature: Subspace Coffee

I have a little confession to make. I like coffee for its taste, but I don’t like caffeine not one bit. Unlike some people who rely on coffee for sustenance and energy, it does the exact opposite on me. While some people hang out at coffee shops in my campus area to study (or should I say, cram) I basically hang out at coffee shops to relax. For me, coffee shops with the best ambiance can make me finish reading a book in less than a day. That’s why I never got to finish any type of schoolwork at a coffee shop until my 4th year in college where I have no choice but to be with four other individuals who all rely on caffeine for some kind of mind boost. Coffee shops are basically a staple to every person who must have gone through their college phase once in their life and will carry on even after.

Here in Manila, coffee shops are all very similar. They all have earthy drawings of coffee beans and cups on the walls, well cushioned wooden furniture,  and have standard coffee shop music playing the whole time. I guess it’s a way to say that no matter which area of the city you go, you will always find that familiar spot for you to do whatever it is you’re accustomed to doing in this place. It’s a good thing for some, but a downside to me. I like the uncommon sights and places with a theme or a personal flair added into them. This is where Subspace makes up for that.

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