Travel Post: Missing Garosugil

Today I woke up to the feeling of missing a specific place. After spending a few minutes just trying to figure it out, I came into the conclusion that I’m missing Garosugil.

Garosugil is a district in Sinsa-dong in Seoul. It has the trendiest shops and boutiques that are mostly ran independently and a few cafes lacing through the whole road. Whenever I visit Seoul, I make it a point to meet my friends to have brunch at Garosu or try to at least go on solitary afternoons finding a good cafe or pastry shop where I can enjoy people watching for a bit. Most of the time it is Good Ovening Cupcake shop or Coffeesmith.

What I miss the most about Garosu are the trees along it which adds to the aesthetic value of this place. I never seem to get bored here (not like there’s a place that’s boring in Seoul in my opinion :p). The stores are really well designed and are very cute as if everything is inspired by springtime. I recommend Garosu if you guys have some downtime during your trip to Seoul because it’s the perfect place to just casually take a stroll to check out stores or have a cup of coffee and some pastries to relax.

To let you guys know what Garosugil looks like, I have  a few photos and a short walking tour video on it to share to you guys. I hope you enjoy!



more photos and a walking tour vlog under the cut!

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From the Land of Kimchi and K-pop

I’m back everyone! It will take some time for me to be putting up posts here again since I will be a bit busy this month for a couple of things. But I am really excited to share a lot of what went down during my 10-day trip to Seoul. First, it was my first time traveling on my own and it was a feat since I had to manage both my time and expenses. But it was a well worth trip and I had a lot of friends to keep me company there. Also, I have mastered the Seoul Metro and that’s also a big challenge since taking the train there is one of the main forms of transportation and it has over 13 lines and goes even outside Seoul.

To make up for my absence, I’ve made a video about my trip. Don’t worry as an extensive photo post will come up in a week or two. For now, enjoy my video!



10 days in Seoul and 3 more days before Manila

Me in front of the Ehwa Women's University

A quick update since I’m alone in our room and I feel slightly depressed with the idea of leaving Seoul.:(

I have a lot of updates when I arrive in Manila 3 days from now —> Tourist posts, Asia Song Festival, One Way, Celebrity sightings, Shopping, etc. So please look forward to them! See you all in 3 days!