Makeup: Aspiring Makeup Artist?



This is a long overdue post. Tony Moly Philippines had a contest a few weeks back and I joined with the hopes of winning some makeup (Hihi. Lame I know. but who doesn’t love free makeup?).  Aside from winning makeup, I get the chance to be featured in their August newsletter. Now that’s a good deal for something that’s fun to do right?

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Filipina Youtube Beauty Guru itsjudytime’s Meet and Greet in Manila

With Judy and Benji ❤


I’m a huge fan of Youtube. Believe me when Youtube became popular, I was so happy that normal people would post videos of themselves doing makeup and making tutorials for us to recreate on our own. It’s like one big beauty community making videos for each other so we can interactively learn from one another. Now those regular people have stepped up their game and are now known as beauty gurus in Youtube. One of the beauty gurus that I followed was Judy with her channel itsjudytime. I followed her because she’s Filipina and because her videos were very informative about hair and makeup. Through the years she has been making videos for her beauty channel and has opened a new channel solely for videos that are not related to her beauty channel so we can have a peek at her life. That channel is itsjudyslife. People would think a Vlog channel would be boring, but honestly, getting a peek at someone else’s life isn’t boring at all if it’s Judy and Benji we’re talking about. Along with her husband Benji of BenjiManTV, they make the power couple of Youtube and watching their daily Vlogs has been a part of my daily Youtube fix. ❤



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