Makeup Look: STYLENANDA’S Park Sora Inspired Eyeliner

Jung Minhee and Park Sora for STYLENANDA

Lately I’ve been sporting a different eye liner look from what I normally wear. I’m normally used to wearing winged eyeliner just because I thought that this would be best for my eyes shape. If I’m not wearing winged eyeliner, I normally do 얼짱 (eoljjang – best face) doll eyeliner. But I noticed how Park Sora does her eyeliner and it has intrigued me because I never do that type of eyeliner shape.

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Personal: I Obviously Can’t Leave My Hair Alone

Instagram Photos~

I apologize for the absence and lack of posts my loves. What you guys don’t know is that I had my dSLR, tablet, and my everyday makeup bag stolen from me around May and I have lost a bit of drive due to the incident 😦 . I mean, basically those three things could be considered my life already and everything had to stop from then on. But then again, I can’t sulk for too long because material things are just material things and they can be replaced. I have so much memories with those things, but I realized I have grieved far too long and I need a fresh start.

As you guys see from my recent photos, I have changed my hair style and color yet again for the nth time. I opted to have my hair cut because that amount of hair wasn’t doing my scalp any good and the ends are so dry that I decided I need to chop the burden off. I had my hair cut at a Korean salon named “Chic Hair/시크 헤어 Salon”. Selina cut my hair and was so dumbfounded when I told her that I’m giving her ultimate freedom to do whatever she can do to my hair as long as she can get rid of my “excess baggage”. She was constantly worried about cutting my waist-length hair and endlessly claiming that it’s such a waste of good length. But I knew I had an agenda the moment I stepped in the salon so I urged her and coaxed her with such assurance that it must be done. The end result was a layered mid-length cut and I have to say it feels so refreshing to lose that much hair! Not to mention my head feels extra light without the weight. :p My hair has been dyed a red color but has faded into this auburn color. I have a lot of roots showing up at the moment, but I have to decide whether or not I will have it colored a lighter ash-toned blond or go back to black.

*Chic Hair Salon is located at Unit 203 Continental Court Condominium, #47 Annapolis St., Greenhills.

So I have just written this entry to let you guys know that I am alive and will  be churning up some posts in a couple of days. I owe it to you all.  Til then~~~



Travel Post: Missing Garosugil

Today I woke up to the feeling of missing a specific place. After spending a few minutes just trying to figure it out, I came into the conclusion that I’m missing Garosugil.

Garosugil is a district in Sinsa-dong in Seoul. It has the trendiest shops and boutiques that are mostly ran independently and a few cafes lacing through the whole road. Whenever I visit Seoul, I make it a point to meet my friends to have brunch at Garosu or try to at least go on solitary afternoons finding a good cafe or pastry shop where I can enjoy people watching for a bit. Most of the time it is Good Ovening Cupcake shop or Coffeesmith.

What I miss the most about Garosu are the trees along it which adds to the aesthetic value of this place. I never seem to get bored here (not like there’s a place that’s boring in Seoul in my opinion :p). The stores are really well designed and are very cute as if everything is inspired by springtime. I recommend Garosu if you guys have some downtime during your trip to Seoul because it’s the perfect place to just casually take a stroll to check out stores or have a cup of coffee and some pastries to relax.

To let you guys know what Garosugil looks like, I have  a few photos and a short walking tour video on it to share to you guys. I hope you enjoy!



more photos and a walking tour vlog under the cut!

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From the Land of Kimchi and K-pop

I’m back everyone! It will take some time for me to be putting up posts here again since I will be a bit busy this month for a couple of things. But I am really excited to share a lot of what went down during my 10-day trip to Seoul. First, it was my first time traveling on my own and it was a feat since I had to manage both my time and expenses. But it was a well worth trip and I had a lot of friends to keep me company there. Also, I have mastered the Seoul Metro and that’s also a big challenge since taking the train there is one of the main forms of transportation and it has over 13 lines and goes even outside Seoul.

To make up for my absence, I’ve made a video about my trip. Don’t worry as an extensive photo post will come up in a week or two. For now, enjoy my video!



It’s been so long..

First off, I have to apologize for the lack of entries here. I have so many excuses lined up for everyone to read but the most predictable answer is laziness. But during the time that I have been away, so many thing have happened and some are just bound to happen. In 3 weeks time, I’m set to go back to Seoul for a 10 day leisure trip with friends. I’m new to the independent traveling department and this time I don’t have my parents to go with me to tour countries. But Seoul is a different place for me because it feels just like home except colder and definitely titillating. It’s such a busy city and it gives off the same vibe the US has but more laid back and offers more room for fun in my opinion.

But enough with the traveling talk. The other reason why I have been away as well and at that time,I actually REFUSE to post photos of myself  because I had a minor surgery. The surgery I went through is to remove the stubborn mole that I grew up with ever since it decided to pop out during my years in kindergarten. It is such a relief to remove something that has been bothering you and giving you so much trouble ever since. I had experienced so much with such a tiny imperfection on my face. I was given names, teased, insulted (whether they were intentional or not) the whole duration that I’ve had it on my face. It’s like a constant reminder everyday for me of everything I’ve gone through. I know it may sound so emotional, but I have been wanting ever since puberty to have it removed. Having it removed wasn’t so much of a big decision to make as well because it was an automatic yes once I have been given the go signal from my father to find a surgeon who can remove it.

So now that I have come back, I will try and plan the succeeding posts that I will put here. I hope you all look forward to them as much as I do and you can contact me any time if you want to see anything here. 😀

Also, to make up a bit for my lack of posts, here’s a random photo. XD

Hello World~~~



An Introduction

Before I start writing anything in this blog, I will start off with a brief introduction.

My name is Bianca and I’m old enough to stay up late at night (more like not sleep) and fangirl until I’m blind. I’m kidding. But basically I am not going to pimp myself too much here because that will be too creepy for you to know everything about me. I think to make this introduction entry more concrete and plausible, I will start off on how I got into K-pop.

For the lulz, here's fandom collage I made about 7 years ago.

K-pop was a small idea planted into my head about 7 years ago when I started listening to Asian music (Both Japanese and Chinese pop music). I stumbled upon a local airing of a Korean drama titled “Fullhouse” AND THAT HAS TRIGGERED THE INSANITY. Since then, it was a virus that was taking over my head and it got me interested in Korea’s culture aside from its music. (Do you like the Inception theme I squeezed in? lol)

This blog from this day on will  capture my interest and passion towards the culture and my dedication to its music. Believe me, they’re are all out of the ordinary adventures just for merely being a dedicated fangirl. But for you, dear reader, it will be an be an interesting and entertaining read. 😀

For now, see you at my next post. There will be lots of rain on that one! 😉