Makeup: Aspiring Makeup Artist?



This is a long overdue post. Tony Moly Philippines had a contest a few weeks back and I joined with the hopes of winning some makeup (Hihi. Lame I know. but who doesn’t love free makeup?).  Aside from winning makeup, I get the chance to be featured in their August newsletter. Now that’s a good deal for something that’s fun to do right?

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Miss A: Goodbye Baby Look

When it comes to K-pop, I may have a strong passion for fangirling when it comes to boy groups ( No seriously, my love for Korean boy groups deserves a different post because I cannot for the love of Korea put it here as I’m about to discuss my love for one particular girl group).  But when it comes to girl groups, I have to say my favorite is Miss A. I have followed them since their debut with Bad Girl, Good Girl and I fell in love with Fei because to me she has the most goddess potential at that time. But my love for them grew when they came out with Breathe and since then, I have pledged my loyalty to my first K-pop girl group fandom.

For today’s look I have decided to do Bae Suzy’s makeup in their latest single Goodbye Baby. What I like about Miss A’s makeup here is that they don’t have a ton of makeup as opposed to other girl groups. Basically they focus on bold eyeliner and that’s it. No shimmer and no dark lipsticks. It looks as if the rest of the face is bare but they have a strong eyeliner look that complements each of the girls’ eye shapes.

Check the video out for yourselves! It’s so kick ass ❤

Click below to find out how to do this look!

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