Makeup Look: STYLENANDA’S Park Sora Inspired Eyeliner

Jung Minhee and Park Sora for STYLENANDA

Lately I’ve been sporting a different eye liner look from what I normally wear. I’m normally used to wearing winged eyeliner just because I thought that this would be best for my eyes shape. If I’m not wearing winged eyeliner, I normally do 얼짱 (eoljjang – best face) doll eyeliner. But I noticed how Park Sora does her eyeliner and it has intrigued me because I never do that type of eyeliner shape.

The innocence it creates to the face  just made me want to try it out for a change since I always thought fierce eyeliner is my staple look.

Doll Eyeliner

Winged Eyeliner

After trying it out for myself, I loved how simple and clean it looks and it is now a part of my basic everyday makeup look. I love how standard it is and it doesn’t overpower anything. Many have complimented me on how it emphasizes the eyes without going overboard. I guess the reason I like wearing this style of eyeliner is because it elongates  the eyes (perfect for my big round ones!) rather than making them rounder or too sharp.

Here are other photos for reference! I hope you try this new eyeliner look inspired by Park Sora. If you’re a big doe eyed girl like me, this will be a better option. I leave you now with more reference photos or should I say ogle at how pretty Park Sora is! Goodluck!



All photos of Park Sora are from STYLENANDA and are used for reference material. No copyright infringement intended. 


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