Personal: I Obviously Can’t Leave My Hair Alone

Instagram Photos~

I apologize for the absence and lack of posts my loves. What you guys don’t know is that I had my dSLR, tablet, and my everyday makeup bag stolen from me around May and I have lost a bit of drive due to the incident 😦 . I mean, basically those three things could be considered my life already and everything had to stop from then on. But then again, I can’t sulk for too long because material things are just material things and they can be replaced. I have so much memories with those things, but I realized I have grieved far too long and I need a fresh start.

As you guys see from my recent photos, I have changed my hair style and color yet again for the nth time. I opted to have my hair cut because that amount of hair wasn’t doing my scalp any good and the ends are so dry that I decided I need to chop the burden off. I had my hair cut at a Korean salon named “Chic Hair/시크 헤어 Salon”. Selina cut my hair and was so dumbfounded when I told her that I’m giving her ultimate freedom to do whatever she can do to my hair as long as she can get rid of my “excess baggage”. She was constantly worried about cutting my waist-length hair and endlessly claiming that it’s such a waste of good length. But I knew I had an agenda the moment I stepped in the salon so I urged her and coaxed her with such assurance that it must be done. The end result was a layered mid-length cut and I have to say it feels so refreshing to lose that much hair! Not to mention my head feels extra light without the weight. :p My hair has been dyed a red color but has faded into this auburn color. I have a lot of roots showing up at the moment, but I have to decide whether or not I will have it colored a lighter ash-toned blond or go back to black.

*Chic Hair Salon is located at Unit 203 Continental Court Condominium, #47 Annapolis St., Greenhills.

So I have just written this entry to let you guys know that I am alive and will  be churning up some posts in a couple of days. I owe it to you all.  Til then~~~




2 thoughts on “Personal: I Obviously Can’t Leave My Hair Alone

  1. UNNIEEE ;_; I’m sorry about your stolen stuff ;__; But oh I’m glad you’re finally going to start updating agaiiin! ❤ I miss your posts! (and yay for the new hairstyle! ❤ It looks great on youu!)

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