Hair Tales: Going Blond and Sticking with it!

If I have to count how many times I went blond in my life, I have to say it has been around six times. I get bored with my hair easily. I have gone through several hair color changes since I went to college because I came from a strict all girls Catholic high school. We were never allowed to color our hair and even cutting it short ala Mia Farrow is also FORBIDDEN. This is probably the reason why I went a bit crazy when I went to college and basically every hair commandment has been lifted – thus going crazy with my hair. Short boy cut, faux hawk, emo side swept short cut, shoulder length, red, brown, orange, auburn, rust, ash, etc. Name it, I’ve done it all! If I have to show everyone the evolution of my hair, it will take up about three posts to tell every story behind a certain hair cut or hair color :p

But onto blond hair. Like I said, I have gone blond about six times in my life in the year 2010 and now in 2012. What convinced me to go from black to blond is probably because I have gone through several hair color changes that I wanted to push myself to my most radical hair color change – and that would be going blond. I admit, I do the whole color change process on my own (thank God for having friends working in salons!).  But perfecting to go blond on my own, I had to go through a ton of trial and error to learn it (and a ton of crispy fried ends to go along with it too!).

Before going blond, you have to know that from the moment you bleach your hair, you have fallen into the high maintenance pit of hair care. For that,   I have a few tips and advice to share for those who plan to or are interested to go blond.



RESPONSIBILITY – You have to realize that by changing your hair color drastically into this, you’re going to have to take care of your hair LIKE YOUR HAIR IS ABOUT TO FALL OFF! I’m not kidding. You hair basically has taken a good amount of beating so you are going to have to be responsible from now on. Your hair has been stripped of a lot of its original components in one go and you have to use certain products to keep it healthy. Face it, your hair won’t be the same unless it’s made of steel. So a LOT of extra care goes with it. Anything that says Keratin/Protein  enriched or Damage Care/Control or any of that sort, you can try out and test for yourself.



L – R: Loreal Elseve Serum, Excelsior Millenia Mud Mask, Pantene Daily Total Damage Care Treatment, Dove Intense Repair Treatment, FX Moroccan Moisture Miracle Argan Oil



DISCIPLINE – Condition your hair everyday. I know a lot of people who skip on conditioning just because they don’t want to take that extra step. It makes a difference, trust me. Aside from conditioning, treat your hair to some deep conditioning mask at least once a week to gain some extra moisture. Your hair will be extremely porous so it will definitely be more fragile than usual and will absorb the harshness of everyday elements more.


Yes, that’s me with my blond hair with BEAST 🙂


TREAT YOUR HAIR LIKE YOU WOULD TREAT YOUR SKIN – The average girl has a skincare regime. A Day and Night routine as well as a weekly and monthly routine. It goes the same with hair. For me, I have to not just shampoo and condition my hair, I have to apply two different kinds of treatments to it. One for the mid section of my hair and one from below the mid section going to my tips. I noticed that my ends get the most of damage so I have to use a more potent treatment to it. After towel drying my hair and running a wide toothed comb through it, I apply Argan oil to the mid section going down to the tips. I let it air dry almost always because I DON’T BELIEVE IN HAIR DRYERS – unless there’s a cool setting in the hair dryer, I don’t use hair dryers at all. I also regulate the use of heat tools on my hair. If I have to really curl my hair, it has to be a damn good reason for that hair tool to touch my hair. But if I have to curl my hair  as if my appearance will depend on it, I go for heatless styling and trust me folks, it is possible.  After my hair is fully dry I run a finer toothed comb through it and apply another round of Argain oil to it and I’m done for the day. As a weekly treatment, I use Excelsior’s Millenia Mud Mask to restore some of the lost protein of my hair.  This and Argan oil saved my hair! It restores smoothness and luster as well as reconstructs my hair.

in 2010 at the SPAO/Everysing store in Myeongdong



MATCH YOUR EYEBROWS AND DEALING WITH BRASSINESS – I cannot stress this enough. If you’re going to change your hair color drastically, then at least make sure your eyebrows match! Nobody want to have black eyebrows with light colored hair. If you went through a lot of pain to have blond hair, then please do the same thing for your brows. You future grandchildren will thank you for it I’m pretty sure.  I get mine bleached along with my hair. But if you don’t want to color your brows, there are products like eye brow pencils and eye brow mascaras to help lighten and color your eyebrows. As for the brassiness, it’s natural for your hair to turn a bit brassy. To counteract the brassiness, you can purchase blue/purple shampoo to lessen it. As for me, I never kept my blonde hair long enough to experience brassiness. I always have to re-bleach it anyway thus removing the brassiness.

So there, I think that is all I can give as far as tips and advice about maintaining blond hair. You guys have fun!




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