Makeup Tutorial: Miryo Makeup from Dirty MV

Miryo Makeup

Follow through the steps to create this makeup after the cut!

To watch Miryo in her Dirty MV, you can do so here:

Doing this look by Miryo in her “Dirty” MV was probably the simplest in terms of steps and materials. But I have to say, blending it all through took a ton of time. I did this look on my model little sister Joi around 1AM and we finished this around 3AM and by that time, ┬áher eyes were already closing in the middle of the makeup application. Now I wasn’t able to take a photo of the makeup I used but here are the things that you will need:

1) A good eye primer. ( Urban Decay Primer Potion in original )

2) Any true black eye shadow. ( Black Eye shadow from a palette )

3) A skin tone eye shadow for blending. ( Maybelline eye shadow duo in Cocoa Delight. Used the Beige color for this. )

4) Black Gel eye liner. ( Tony Moly Backstage Eye Liner in Black )

5) Black Mascara. ( Maybelline Lash Stiletto in Black )

6) Contouring Powder (MAC Blush in Harmony)

7) Pale Lavender-Pink Lipstick ( NYX Round Lipstick in Baby Pink )

8) Foundation and Concealer ( MAC Lightful Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation in NC30 and Canmake Cover and Stretch Concealer )

9) Face Primer. ( Loreal Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base )

10) Eyebrow Pencil ( Etude House Automatic Eye Pencil in Brown)

First of all, get your face ready for the look by applying a face primer, foundation, and concealer.

Get your eyes ready by applying eye primer, brushing on the beige eye shadow all over your lids, and lining your eyes to follow the pattern of her eye makeup in the video.

Apply Eye Primer and Beige Eye Shadow

Start Lining the eyes as shown, making sure to leave a space near your inner lids.

Also line your lower lash line and create the said pattern shown.

Grab your black eye shadow on a dense eye shadow brush and pack it on your eyelids outside the lines of the pattern you have created and blend it. Gradually create blended layers of the black eye shadow with the gel liner until you cannot see where they both meet. After that, apply black eye liner to your upper and lower waterlines to intensify the look.

First layer of Black eye shadow to show placement. Make sure you blend in the shadow until you cannot see where the gel liner and shadow meets.

To finish it off, add mascara, draw on your eyebrows, contour your face and apply a pale pink lipstick to complete the look!

More pictures!



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