Makeup Tutorial: Min from Touch MV Look

To recreate this favorite look of  mine from Miss A’s Touch MV, keep on reading after the cut!

Being a huge fan of Miss A, there is no doubt that I will be recreating this look from their MV Touch. I just loved how crystals were used to make this simple eye makeup even more festive. Coincidentally, the makeup artist of this look also made a video on it. In her video, she named the look “Teardrop Makeup” hence the use of crystals to represent the teardrops.  To see more of the makeup in the video, you can watch it here:

To recreate this look, I have come up with a very simple tutorial to achieve it. Here are the makeup items that you will be needing.

1) Face Primer ( Loreal Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base )

2) Foundation ( Revlon Color Stay Foundation. Mine is in 300 Golden Beige )

3) Eye Primer and Eyebrow Pncil ( Urban Decay Primer Potion in Original and Etude House Automatic Brow Pencil in brown)

4) Gunmetal/Charcoal Eye Liner Pencil ( The Body Shop Crayon Kohl )

5) Gunmetal/Charcoal Eye Shadow ( Urban Decay Gunmetal from the NAKED Palette )

6) Black Mascara and Black Eye Liner ( Maybelline Lash Stiletto in Black and Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Liner Pencil in Zero )

7) Silver Glitter Liner ( Etude House Teardrop Liner )

8) Eye Lash Glue ( Nichido Eyelash Glue )

9) Lip Tint ( Benefit Benetint )

10) Lip Stain ( Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Stain in Cherry Pop )

**Circle Lenses used are EOS Rosy Rosa in Brown

Start off by prepping your face with primer and applying your foundation.

I don't have perfect skin obviously kkkk

Prepare your eyes by applying eye primer to them. Thickly line your lids with your charcoal or gunmetal gray eyeliner pencil and stop right underneath your crease,drawing out a wing and dragging it to the outer part of your lower lids.

Line eyes as shown here

After lining your eyes with the pencil, go over it with an eye shadow of the same color to keep the color in place and also to make it more vibrant.

Curl your lashes and apply some mascara on both top and bottom lashes, particularly piling it on the lower lashes.

For the crystals, I used two sizes of swarovski crystals that I got from the textile store. Attach three of these crystals on the middle part of your lower lash line the first and last ones being smaller while the middle one being bigger compared to the other two.

After gluing the crystals to your lower lash line, apply some glitter liner to your inner lower lash line.

From the video, they don’t seem to have any blush on. You may opt to keep it bare or add some contour. In my case, I kept it bare since I want the eyes to be the focus of my look and I’m pretty sure the contour will be visible if I do intend to wear this for a party since there won’t be any harsh lighting to wash the contour out.

Lastly, mute out your lips using foundation or concealer and apply your lip stains only in the inner part of your lips to create that doll like sucked on a popsicle effect.

Make sure to moisturize your lips beforehand and make sure that they are smooth before doing this step.

I hope you guys try to recreate this. I enjoyed doing this look since in real life, it looks like it will be fun to wear it to a more festive party. I’m pretty sure I’m wearing this to a costume party along with a nice dress.

More pictures with this look!



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