K-pop Makeup Tutorial: Hyuna in Troublemaker MV

My take on one of Hyuna's looks in her Troublemake MV

If you want to know how to achieve this look, read more after the cut!~~~~~^^


When I first saw the teaser for this MV, I was literally giddy about  Hyuna’s makeup in this video because it is just so gorgeous. As you all know, Hyuna is a member of a K-pop group called 4Minute and as a solo artist, her image is  very sexy like a vixen. I just love how they interpret her sexiness through her eye looks (Not so much with her clothes though! :\ (But I do love that leopard print maxi dress). I love how they exaggerate the cat eyes in her makeup to make her look ultra fierce in her videos. There are probably about four looks in this MV, but my friend and I agreed that her bronze makeup and her smoky eyes paired with red lips definitely stood out the most.


If you want to know how to achieve this other version of her look, check out my friend Andee's tutorial on it!^^

This is a makeup collaboration between my good friend Andee, so if you guys want to  see how she does Hyuna’s bronze makeup, check her tutorial over here:



But if you want to see her dark smoky look, here’s the photo tutorial on how to achieve it.

Aside from the usual foundation/BB cream, concealer, powder, and Mascara. Here are the main components of this look:

1) Eye shadows – brown, silver, charcoal/black (From a H&M eye shadow palette)

2) Black Eye liner both gel and pencil. I suggest gel eyeliner as the main eyeliner for this look because  it gives this look that bold and fierceness that can only be achieved using gel liner. (Tony Moly Backstage Gel liner in Black and Urban Decay’s 24/7 eyeliner pencil in Zero)

3) Red lipstick or in my case, a very true red lip tint. (Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Stain in Cherry Pop)

4) Clear Lip Gloss (Victoria’s Secret Sweet Talk Clear Lip Gloss)

**The lenses I’m using are Neo Cosmo Glamour Lenses in Gray



Silver, brown, and Charcoal eye shadows I used in the palette.



Start off with foundation ready face and primed lids with this look. Using the silver shadow, apply it all over your lids to give it that necessary wash of color that the look has. Blend the brown eye shadow to your crease to deepen it. Darken the outer corner of your eyes with the charcoal color and wing it outwards. To give you a clear visual of the placement of eye shadows, here are the photos:



Excuse the lack of blending. We'll blend the colors later on. :p

Apply your eye shadows accordingly



You can apply a bit of the silver and charcoal shadow to your lower lash line. After applying your eye shadows, line your eyes using the gel liner. Make sure to wing out your eye liner and to fill in the gap below your liner to fake a bigger looking eye. Using the pencil eye liner, tight line or line the upper water line of your eyes as well as your lower water line.



Apply your gel liner and eye liner pencil accordingly



By this time, you must have blended your eye shadows together so you can get rid of those harsh lines.

To give your look a more catty appearance, you can line the inner part of your eyes and extend your liner toward your tear ducts to give it the fierce look it needs. 🙂 RAWR!



Apply more liner to the inner part of your eyes to give it a more cat-like effect!



Hyuna doesn’t seem to have any blush or contour in the video so you can skip that step. Curl your lashes and apply tons of mascara if you’d like! Lastly, stain your lips with the red lip stain or use red lipstick and put on some clear gloss on top. That completes my take on the Hyuna look!

Photos because I can! :p







I hope you enjoyed that look! If you want to watch the MV where we based our looks on, you can watch it here:



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