Feature: Subspace Coffee

I have a little confession to make. I like coffee for its taste, but I don’t like caffeine not one bit. Unlike some people who rely on coffee for sustenance and energy, it does the exact opposite on me. While some people hang out at coffee shops in my campus area to study (or should I say, cram) I basically hang out at coffee shops to relax. For me, coffee shops with the best ambiance can make me finish reading a book in less than a day. That’s why I never got to finish any type of schoolwork at a coffee shop until my 4th year in college where I have no choice but to be with four other individuals who all rely on caffeine for some kind of mind boost. Coffee shops are basically a staple to every person who must have gone through their college phase once in their life and will carry on even after.

Here in Manila, coffee shops are all very similar. They all have earthy drawings of coffee beans and cups on the walls, well cushioned wooden furniture,  and have standard coffee shop music playing the whole time. I guess it’s a way to say that no matter which area of the city you go, you will always find that familiar spot for you to do whatever it is you’re accustomed to doing in this place. It’s a good thing for some, but a downside to me. I like the uncommon sights and places with a theme or a personal flair added into them. This is where Subspace makes up for that.

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I first heard of Subspace from my K-pop loving friends. They kept on raving about this place tucked in Ortigas where they sell Purple Potato Lattes and have Banana milk at hand. But what really drew me in to check this place out is because it is patterned after artsy coffee shops in Seoul. If we have several Starbucks branches  at every major road here in Manila, Seoul’s coffee shop culture is different. They don’t have a Starbucks at every single street, but they have a lot of independent coffee shops run by young adults – normally a group of friends or just an art aficionado who loves coffee. Their coffee shops reflect their taste in art or their interests. I guess in this case it’s safe to say that the owners are definitely into k-pop and home design  from the merchandise being sold at the counter and posters all over the place to the modern interior design pieces which they also sell at their store just a few buildings down from the coffee shop itself.

Yes that's right. Chair installation in the ceiling. Trust me, I was in awe for a good 5 minutes when I saw this. lol

Aside from the art that’s seen in every corner of this quaint space, they serve something that other coffee shops don’t and these are the most talked about drinks in the blogosphere as well, with endless recommendations from those who have tried them. The most raved about drinks in this place are the Purple Potato Lattes and the Peanut Butter Lattes. I am not a fan of peanut butter if it doesn’t come in a cup and is covered in milk chocolate :p so naturally I ordered the Purple Potato Latte.

I have to say that if you just want something to try from the usual lattes, go ahead and give it a go. But other than that,  it is ube pastillas in liquid form which is not so bad as I like those candies.

Various edibles on display. Yes, they have Banana and Strawberry milk!

Overall I have to say that Subspace Coffee was a good break from the usual coffee shops. I won’t think twice in visiting as often as I can because I heard their food is also delicious.  But for now, I am at least assured I have this space not far off in the galaxy to experience coffee like I did back in Seoul. Feels a bit like a second home to me at least. 🙂

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