It’s been so long..

First off, I have to apologize for the lack of entries here. I have so many excuses lined up for everyone to read but the most predictable answer is laziness. But during the time that I have been away, so many thing have happened and some are just bound to happen. In 3 weeks time, I’m set to go back to Seoul for a 10 day leisure trip with friends. I’m new to the independent traveling department and this time I don’t have my parents to go with me to tour countries. But Seoul is a different place for me because it feels just like home except colder and definitely titillating. It’s such a busy city and it gives off the same vibe the US has but more laid back and offers more room for fun in my opinion.

But enough with the traveling talk. The other reason why I have been away as well and at that time,I actually REFUSE to post photos of myself  because I had a minor surgery. The surgery I went through is to remove the stubborn mole that I grew up with ever since it decided to pop out during my years in kindergarten. It is such a relief to remove something that has been bothering you and giving you so much trouble ever since. I had experienced so much with such a tiny imperfection on my face. I was given names, teased, insulted (whether they were intentional or not) the whole duration that I’ve had it on my face. It’s like a constant reminder everyday for me of everything I’ve gone through. I know it may sound so emotional, but I have been wanting ever since puberty to have it removed. Having it removed wasn’t so much of a big decision to make as well because it was an automatic yes once I have been given the go signal from my father to find a surgeon who can remove it.

So now that I have come back, I will try and plan the succeeding posts that I will put here. I hope you all look forward to them as much as I do and you can contact me any time if you want to see anything here. 😀

Also, to make up a bit for my lack of posts, here’s a random photo. XD

Hello World~~~



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