Water Marbled Nails

They remind me so much of planets. 😀

Today I attempted water marbling on my nails. I have to say that even though the procedure sounds easy, it is very messy and it needs a ton of patience. I first heard of water marbling through a Youtube video by SimpleLittlePleasues. I won’t be making a detailed post on this yet since this is my first time doing it and I have to admit I was flustered half of the time and my whole desk was seriously covered with nail polish splatters. But the result I got turned out quite well. Excuse the poor job I did on cleaning my nails and fingers. It was really tough trying to clean up afterwards without smearing or ruining the patterns I just did on my nails.  I did random color combinations just to test it out first and was giggling after since I realized they looked like the surface of planets.  I finished everything off with a matte top coat. I used matte instead of a shiny topcoat because I thought that it would show the marbling more.


So far after using the garlic treatment on my nails, I noticed that they have indeed become stronger and definitely less brittle. They don’t peel as much as before as well. Getting used to the garlic smell was a feat but it goes away after a day or two.

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