Garlic Nail Strengthener

My bottle of Garlic Nail Strengthener. You can see the garlic that has settled at the bottom of the bottle.


Out of impatience, I tried it out on my left hand’s set of nails. Right now I can totally say that IT DOES STINK. Maybe because I am very sensitive to smells. But thankfully when I’m doing things, I forget that I have it on my nails. But once in a while when my left hand comes near my nose, I can smell it. Some may be able to handle it, some may not. But so far I think I can. I will let you guys know if the smell fades eventually.

This whole week I have been contemplating on trying out this nail treatment that I honestly read from Michelle Phan’s blog. She talks about worldwide beauty secrets. The usual beauty secrets are found in that list except for one particular secret originating from the Dominican Republic. It requires you to put garlic in your nail polish to create a nail strengthener. Being curious about how garlic helps strengthen nails, I immediately looked it up and read that the sulphur minerals in garlic will help strengthen your nails and make them harder. At first I was skeptical since we all know how strong garlic’s smell stays on your hands when you peel or chop them up. But they say the smell dissipates once the polish has dried on your nails.

Word has it that the strengthener is so good that it can make your nails as strong as acrylics. Being a nailcare addict, I definitely had to try it since I literally have nail polish on my nails all the time and have noticed that when you do that despite the nail hardeners and base coats, your nails will eventually weaken.

This morning, I have concocted my garlic nail strengthener and you can do it too without worrying that you don’t have the necessary ingredients at home.

What you need:

– A bottle of clear or colored polish

– a clove or two of crushed garlic.

All you have to do is mince and crush the garlic and put it in your preferred nail polish. I had a fresh bottle of polish so I had to drain a bit of it so that it won’t overflow once I put in the garlic. You have to let your concoction marinate for 6-7 days and use it as a form of treatment. I don’t know if my method will work but I normally use nail strengtheners before I apply basecoat so I will probably use that method first once my garlic nail strengthener is ready.

I will make a follow up post on this once I have tried this for about a month or so~~~~ ^___^



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