Wanna Be Sweet? (Review and Tutorial: Etude House Miss Tangerine Collection)

For Etude’s Spring collection, they have launched the most awaited Miss Tangerine line. This collection consists mostly of, yes you’re not mistaken, makeup in orange hues. I know I am quite late in reviewing these makeup items, but as soon as they hit the shelves here in Manila, most of their stocks were completely wiped out from their stores and you need to get items on a waiting list system. But lucky for me around May, an Etude House store opened in a new mall about 5 minutes away from the neighborhood where I live so I grabbed the opportunity to take hold of most of the items I have been eyeing in the collection and also managed to get some of the permanent products in their store that were always out of stock.

For the items that I got in the line, I picked up two of their Cream Choux Blushers in Miss Berry and Miss Tangerine, Dear Darling Lipstick in OR207, Soda Tint in Tangerine Soda, and Sweet Shower Lips in Miss Tangerine Tangerine.

Swatches of all the products and two tubes of the Cream Choux Blusher.

As you all have noticed, most of the items I picked up were orange as I was really into orange makeup even before this line was launched. I am a fan of bright and unconventional colors so I really had to get most of the orange makeup in this collection. But for those who are not into really bright and bold orange colors, the collection has berry and peach colored blushes and lip products that some may be interested in. Now onto the review!

At first, I was never really interested in getting the blushes since I’m not into blushes at all. I’m more of a lip junkie and eyeshadow girl. But the texture and pigmentation of these blushes were too great to pass up on. They are very creamy, yet light and the color is buildable. I’d say their texture is almost close to whipped cream. The two colors I got are the orange one and the pink one because I don’t think the peach and the lavender  would show up on my skin well. They also come in a squeeze tube so it’s easy to use the product and you don’t need brushes to blend them in. The heat of your fingers will melt them into your cheeks and makes it super easy to blend. I’d say these are almost foolproof to use compared to tints.

Sweet Shower Lips in Miss Tangerine Tangerine

The Sweet Shower Lips is probably one of my favorites in this collection because they are so wearable! Even if this is an orange shade, it is so sheer that it only gives your lips a hint of color. I’d have to say this is a cross between a lipbalm and a lipstick. The packaging in this one is also very sleek and sturdy. One thing I hate about lip products is that when they’re in my makeup bag, they get scratches, have their caps pop off, crack their packaging, etc. But this one has a very solid packaging that I don’t even worry if I drop it at times.

VIP Dear Darling Lipstick in OR207

This one I’d have to say was disappointing for me just like any other Etude House lipstick I own. One thing that you have to know about Etude lipsticks is that even if they are very pigmented both in the tube and when you swatch it, the texture is most of the time disappointing. You get great opaque payoff that’s true, but sometimes I feel like the product is so heavy and chalky on my lips that it dries them out so bad. If you don’t moisturize your lips prior to putting on their lipsticks, chances are it will look very dry and flaky. Also, it leaves a stain on your lips even after you’ve taken them off with a tissue. I guess that’s why they have an Eyes and Lips makeup remover for it. But even if the texture is not that good, for the price of these lipsticks, I’d still buy them because of pigmentation and color selection.

Soda Tint in Tangerine Soda

Lastly is the Soda Tint. This tint is quite fun since the liquid is separated (I don’t know why but it looks fun) and it also reminds me of a lava lamp. I’ve always wanted lava lamps before so I was really drawn into getting this.  Before you use it you have to shake it before you apply it on your lips to give it that pop of color. I have to let you guys know that this tint is not for everyone. For one, it is very pigmented and if you don’t use it sparingly, you will look like you just rubbed orange juice powder on your lips and left it there to stain your lips. But for me I do love that effect. You know when you sip on artificial orange juice mix and it stains the inner parts of your lips? I bought it exactly for that effect. I don’t use it all over my lips because it’s that strong but I really love this one for the “I sucked on an orange popsicle” or “drank orange juice” effect. The only downside to it is that it doesn’t taste anything like orange juice. It tastes salty and bitter at the same time. EWW. But if you’re like me who’s willing to suck it up for vanity, then I’m sure you can handle the awful taste or you can just not lick your lips (but I doubt you won’t).

Overall review, the colors in this collection is not impressive  if you’re expecting a variety of colors based on a whole fruit basket. But if you’re like me who is a bit adventurous and is into bright colored orange makeup, then I say this is for you. They have worked well on the packaging to draw people in and buy their products. Trust me, if you’re a sucker for cute packaging like me,you will notice that it’s hard to resist. :p

Adorable packaging. See what I mean?

To those of you out there who are wondering how you can pull off the orange makeup, you can focus on one part of your face be it lips, cheeks or eyes.  But if you’re brave like me, you can do all! 😀  For the overall orange look I applied an orange shadow(Eyeshadow from a 120 color palette) on the outer part of my eyes’ crease for a pop of color, orange blush on my cheeks (Etude House Cream Choux Blusher: Miss Tangerine), and orange lips (Etude House Sweet Shower Lips: Miss Tangerine Tangerine). For this look  I used a brown pencil eyeliner instead of using black gel liner like I normally do since I think black is too harsh to pair up with orange. Run it along the upper lash line and make a tiny flick to create a subtle cat eye and smudge it along the outer lower lash line.  Aside from that I also used used a bit of glitter liner(Etude House Tear drop liner) on the lower inner part of my eyes  to give  an innocent doe-eye effect. Curl your lashes to open up your eyes and apply black mascara. Done!

Remember that even if orange is a bold color to most, it gives a soft yet warm brightening effect on the face so you don’t want to overpower it.

Have fun with orange makeup!



2 thoughts on “Wanna Be Sweet? (Review and Tutorial: Etude House Miss Tangerine Collection)

  1. This is the third review I’ve read that states that the lipstick is on the chalky side. This is good to know since my lips tend to emphasize poor texture. I’m still interested in the Soda Tint and the Sweet Shower Lips (I love the milky slightly coral-orange)….I’ve been into oranges for a long time too. It’s also the color range that best suits my skin and makes me look healthier. I think the Miss Tangerine collection looks lovely on you. Thanks for the review!

    • The Soda Tints and the Sweet shower lips are still in my makeup bag even if it’s fall/winter season already. I say, go ahead and get them! The other colors of the Sweet shower lips are pretty too and they are fool proof to use (you can sense my obsession with them XD). Aww thank you! Orange flatters most skin tones too. I don’t get why people are so scared to use it. Thank you for reading my review! ❤

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