You Got Nothin on Jay!

Last Wednesday I met Jay Park……. BOOM I JUST MET JAY PARK! O_____O

Jay with Me, Klarisse (, Kaye, and Gina at Mellow 94.7

Unfortunately for me I discovered Jay Park aka Jaebum a week before he left Korea. But of course for a week’s worth of fangirling I got to know a bit of info on him from my friend Klarisse who is a huge fan of Jay and 2PM.

Klarisse introduced me to Jay through this Nylon Photoshoot

Meeting Jay was a meticulous, yet imprecise plan since we we’re not sure if the station we train for as student jocks will allow us to visit or drop by on the time of his appearance. Thankfully our resident, DJ Chris of Mellow 94.7 of the Chris and Chloe, show did not kick us out when he was there.

We got to the station at 4:30PM not expecting anything but serious boardwork for the training student jocks, until we saw the lineup of appearances.  Jay Park is scheduled at 6:30PM. Since Klarisse and I were hungry, we decided to grab a bite at the 7-11 outside Paragon Plaza. We went upstairs after our meal and decided to freshen up since we barely had time to fix ourselves on the way to the station, when suddenly a text from Gina got in and read: WHERE ARE YOU GUYS? COME HERE NOW! JAY IS HERE ALREADY!!!!. We went straight to the booth and we’re met with 2 bodyguards by the door who tried stopping us. I clarified to them that we’re student jocks so they let us in. After the 1st  door (there are 2 sets of doors to go to the booth)  promoters were all huddled up and are scrambling to plan things. Finally, inside the booth,  Jay… was..sitting… on… the… stool… that… I…. usually…. sit… on….

My heart jumped so hard at the sight of him that it hurt. So I kept my calm and chatted with Chris, Gina, and Kaye. I mustered up the courage to say hi to him. He said “Hi I’m Jay, nice to meet you” and proceeded to shaking all of our hands. ❤  Since we have a couple of minutes to spare before going on air, we talked to him about food, his schedule, the Philippines, etc.

Overall, 30 minutes with Jay Park wasn’t long but it sure is personal and much more fulfilling than a concert. He signed all of our stuff, took a picture with him, and said all our goodbyes.

*fun note*

Klarisse who was right beside Jay in the photo felt something heavy and hard pressing on her shoulder. She told us she was trying to stand closer to Jay but there was something blocking/avoiding her from doing so. Now that she saw the photo she realized it was JAY’S BOOB (ok his man-pecs!). She laughed since she claimed they were as hard as rocks. 😛

Jay signed my Starbucks 2010 Planner. Yes he wrote my name too. ❤

To those who still want to see more of Jay here in the Philippines, he will be making an appearance in SHOWTIME (ABS-CBN Channel 2) on Friday to promote his Fanmeet at the SMX convention on October 3, 2010.

For more info on his Fanmeet check Ticketworld for the prices of the tickets:

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