K-pop star dreams?

Do you have dreams of becoming a K-pop star? Let me tell you the truth, the only reason for me to believe in the dream is to have my fate crossed with Rain’s at one of the music shows and seduce him. That is my main strategy of catching my ultimate K-pop fantasy (LOL I AM VERY DELUSIONAL).

I want you to lol at my absurd self. :p

But in all honesty, since most of the artists in K-pop are very young and talented and it seems that most of their talents are just developed into them, the idea of auditioning for an agency is quite tempting. They can accept you whether or not you can sing, dance, or act. As long as you have the star quality they are looking for, then they can train you to become what glitz, glam, and success is made of.  Not to mention that the agencies who make the brightest stars in K-pop nowadays are not eyeing Korean talents alone, but even foreign ones.

So do you seriously want to become a K-pop star?


The group who brought you The K-pop and Cultural Fest at Megatrade Hall last August is here to give you the opportunity of a lifetime. We’re talking about the same people who gave life to Brown Eyed Girls and Boys Over Flowers.

INTERESTED? YES?  Then here are the details to be a step closer to your dream!

Here’s the link to their Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/notes/kpop-and-culture-fest/do-you-have-what-it-takes-to-be-a-kp…op-star/150432741653968


From the companies that brought you Brown Eyed Girls and Boys Over Flowers, and from the team that brought you the biggest and first ever KPOP and Culture Fest, comes a talent search that will surely change your lives!

The people of Neganetwork and Group 8 are putting up a Philippine bureau here in Manila, with the goal of finding fresh musical and dramatic talent for training and honing in Korea, and here in Manila, to be promoted as international artists in the region. Neganetwork currently manages Brown Eyed Girls. Group 8 has been producing and syndicating Koreanovelas for Asian audiences since 2002. 


  • Male and Female
  • Open to all Filipinos and Koreans
  • 13 – 23 years old (Minors must be accompanied by parents or legal guardian)
  • Minimum height: Female 5’2″, Male 5’7″ (Looks are more important than height. Some of the KPop guys have used adjusted platform shoes and girls wore heels to even up their heights. So don’t worry if you’re lacking an inch or two)
  • Must be good-looking (good facial features)
  • Must have good, young physique (no heavy set musculature or overweight frames)
  • Able to sing and dance (any level)
  • Able to trave,l with valid passport (Those who do not have passports, SHOULD get passports if they are SERIOUS and REALLY INTERESTED. If chosen, you may have to leave very soon for Korea for contract signing, etc.)
  • Attire must be young, dressy casualwear (ala Super Junior, 2NE1, etc), with some make-up for girls.

To join, you must e-mail to asiastars2010@yahoo.com the following:

  • Resume or biodata in Word (.doc) format
  • Photos: Close-up and Full Body shot in jpg format only (Photos must be resized to printable size not too big that will be difficult to download, applicants without photos will not be accepted)
  • Online applicants will be screened
  • Qualified applicants will be notified concerning the first invidational auditions on or before September 24, 2010
  • Deadline for sending application is September 24, 2010.
  • Audition date is September 25, 2010

Brought to you by

Neganetwork and Group 8, S. Korea


VisionCapture Events, Manila


KFEST Manila Events Management


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