An Introduction

Before I start writing anything in this blog, I will start off with a brief introduction.

My name is Bianca and I’m old enough to stay up late at night (more like not sleep) and fangirl until I’m blind. I’m kidding. But basically I am not going to pimp myself too much here because that will be too creepy for you to know everything about me. I think to make this introduction entry more concrete and plausible, I will start off on how I got into K-pop.

For the lulz, here's fandom collage I made about 7 years ago.

K-pop was a small idea planted into my head about 7 years ago when I started listening to Asian music (Both Japanese and Chinese pop music). I stumbled upon a local airing of a Korean drama titled “Fullhouse” AND THAT HAS TRIGGERED THE INSANITY. Since then, it was a virus that was taking over my head and it got me interested in Korea’s culture aside from its music. (Do you like the Inception theme I squeezed in? lol)

This blog from this day on will  capture my interest and passion towards the culture and my dedication to its music. Believe me, they’re are all out of the ordinary adventures just for merely being a dedicated fangirl. But for you, dear reader, it will be an be an interesting and entertaining read. 😀

For now, see you at my next post. There will be lots of rain on that one! 😉


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